Welcome to Uusix Workshops!

Uusix is a work rehabilitation unit operating under the City of Helsinki Social Services.
We offer a rehabilitative work program for long-term unemployed residents of Helsinki.


Uusix was founded in December 1997 as an EU-funded project. It started to operate in the renovated premises of the old Kyläsaari incinerator that closed down in 1983.
Today, operating in different locations, Uusix is the biggest provider of rehabilitative work in Finland.

Rehabilitative work at Uusix

The objective of rehabilitative work is to help long-term unemployed people find a path into the labour market, education or another long-term solution. Rehabilitative work promotes the wellbeing of people who have been out of work for a long time. It also prevents social marginalization. The statutory service is offered for unemployed residents of Helsinki. Customers are referred to the service by the local social services or employment office.

At Uusix, the rehabilitative work program lasts from three months to two years. Uusix offers low-threshold rehabilitative work where the first three-month period concentrates on evaluating the customer’s working capabilities. Our customers may struggle with substance abuse, physical or mental health problems. The cause for prolonged unemployment may also be the lack of education or work experience.

Annually, approximately 600 long-term unemployed people participate in our rehabilitative work program. In addition to rehabilitators, there are trainees, disabled and subsidized employees working at Uusix. The instructional personnel consists of about 70 people.

Uusix runs 18 workshops that offer versatile rehabilitative work ranging from traditional handicrafts, such as jewellery design, pottery, textile printing, knitting, metal and wood work, to more career-oriented programmes, such as kitchen and cleaning services, communications, building and maintenance work. The working time varies from 2-4 days a week, four hours a day.

During the years, Uusix has grown into a working community that thrives to live up to the values of caring, learning, sense of community and joy.


The name Uusix stems from a Finnish word uusiksi that implies renewal or remaking.

Recycling and upcycling have been key principles at Uusix from the onset. We receive various materials as donations, which are then refashioned at our workshops into something new, e.g. by printing and sewing. Artefacts and materials that have come to the end of their use get new lives as Uusix products.

Shopping at Uusix

At Uusix Shop in Kyläsaari, you will find our useful and beautiful products made of recycled materials. Our Helsinki theme prints are unique. All our products are made by our rehabilitative work customers in Helsinki.